Kitchen v. Herbert
Full name Derek Kitchen, et al. v. Gary R. Herbert, et al.
Filed 2013-03-25
Plaintiffs Derek Kitchen, Moudi Sbeity, Karen Archer, Kate Call, Laurie Wood, and Kody Partridge
Defendants Gary R. Herbert, in his official capacity as Governor of Utah; John Swallow, in his official capacity as Attorney General of Utah; and Sherrie Swensen, in her official capacity as Clerk of Salt Lake County
Court United States District Court for the District of Utah, Central Division
Current status Motions for summary judgment due October 11

Kitchen v. Herbert is a 2013 federal court case requesting that the Salt Lake County Clerk issue marriage licenses to three same-sex couples and that the state recognize the marriages as valid. The case was assigned to Judge Robert J. Shelby.


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